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It happened approximately ten years ago. To make living in the city far more comfortable, we decided to launch a company, which would provide its dwellers with distinctive living conditions and constantly care about their cozy and peaceful environment. Bearing this notion in mind, since 2007, we have been working on the implementation of the projects, which complying with contemporary architecture and quality, turn dream homes into reality.

Since the time it was founded, Metra Development has always been aimed at creating an ideal place for living. But, what does the “ideal place” mean? We strongly believe that it is an elegantly designed, convenient building that protects its dwellers from unbearable city noises, no matter it is in the downtown or nearby.

There are many reasons why our organization has become one of the best development companies in our country. Innovative technologies, qualified team members and international standards are the key reasons for our success. Currently, we are working on creating a special project Metra Park, which we wish to become the most desirable place to live in our city. The multi-dwelling complex located near the centre of Tbilisi is the depiction of the idea that completely expresses our attitudes towards a perfect house - and that is refined architecture, ecologically clean, calm environment near the city centre.

With multiple years of experience, our team has established a new standard of living, which means not only creation but also maintenance of the infrastructure. That is why we have developed "Metra Service", by which we permanently care about greenery, clarity and safety of our living space. Our philosophy gives a hand to its residents to begin a new story in their lives.




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