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Metra Varketili III

Metra Varketili III

Improve your life conditions


New, modern type residential complex “Metra Varketili” consists of 4 residential houses.
Two houses are built completely, the construction of the third will be completed in summer of 2015 and the commencement of construction of the fourth house is planned in August of 2014.
Architectural studio UAD Studio is the author of the project Metra Varketili”, made by qualified architects Noe Sikharulidze and Aleko Jobava.
“Metra Varketili” includes 360 flats in total. Among them, all completed houses are sold.

Apartments & Commercial spaces

Number of floors of houses is ranged between 6 and 9. The project of each house considers underground garages
and also commercial areas of 65-385m2. Space of flats varies between 40 and 150 m2, they are delivered in the condition of secondary structure.
New residential complex includes fenced territory (enclosure) with green yard and children’s square.


Residential complex “Metra Varketili” locates in Varketili district, Maisuradze Street N11.
Supermarket and Kindergarten works near to this territory.